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Docker: Wekan to PostgreSQL read-only mirroring


Screenshot of PostgreSQL with LibreOffice


1) Install docker-compose.

2) Clone this repo.

git clone
cd wekan-postgresql

3) IMPORTANT: In docker-compose.yml, to use Wekan on local network, change ROOT_URL=http://localhost to http://IPADRESS like or

4) OPTIONAL: In docker-compose.yml, change PostgreSQL database name, username and password from wekan to something else.

5) Write:

docker-compose up -d

6) Wekan is at http://IPADDRESS or (port 80)

7) PostgreSQL connection URL for LibreOffice is dbname=wekan hostaddr= port=15432 user=wekan password=wekan. In some other apps URL could be postgresql:// , and Username: wekan, Password: wekan , or others if you changed those at docker-compose.yml. Do not write to PostgreSQL, as it's readonly mirror. Write to MongoDB or make changes in Wekan. If server port 15432 open, PostgreSQL can be accessed also remotely at local network at http://IPADDRESS:15432/wekan

8) MongoDB is at

9) Wekan and databases bind to address so could be also available to other computers in network. I have not tested this.

10) Restore your MongoDB data.


GitHub issue 787